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If you live in Gujarat and if you love traveling, you must have come across Saputara Hill Station. It’s THE most famous hill station in Gujarat. If you’re in Saputara, this post will help you find places to visit during your sightseeing tour.

I’ve been to Saputara multiple of times. It’s 2 hour drive from my hometown. Without doubt, Saputara is really a good vacation or weekend trip destination from Surat/Mumbai/Ahmedabad.

I never get bored of Saputara.

And I also never get bored of making lists! 😛

Some of my recent lists:

…and time to add one more! List of places to visit in Saputara.

The Sightseeing List

Click on title to explore more about the place.

Click on title to explore more about the place.

The order is, “must-see” to “huh”. 😛

1. Saputara Lake
2. Ropeway
3. Sunset Point
4. Table Top / Town View / Governor's Hill
5. Step Garden
6. Sunrise Point
7. Saputara Tribal Museum
8. Lake Garden
9. Hatgadh Fort
10. Rose Garden
11. Honey Bees Center
12. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
13. Echo Point
14. Artist Village


Happy Stay!

Go ahead and enjoy Saputara to the fullest!

I assure you, you’ll have one of the best holidays of your life.

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This list is intact and is best to my knowledge. If I have missed something or anything is incorrect, do point it out via comment below.


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  1. Nilufar Haque

    Do you have contact number for forest log hut?

  2. Poornima

    Hi what are the options available innsaputara for stay we are a group of 8 adult s n 8 children .

  3. Dinesh Shah

    Need some guidance. Planning to visit Saputara on a 3 nights trip – 2nd weekend of Dec.
    Hope this will be a good time to visit. Hope there will also be other crowd. [being a tourist place without company of other tourists is boring! had a worst experience on my previous trip]
    How are the roads to Saputara. I am travelling from Pune via Nashik. I have been told there are ghats on the way. Are they too dangerous to drive? I have good driving experience on ghats as well but just to be cautious. Tried 3d Earth in google maps and did not find it to be too challenging. Want your views on the road conditions…
    How are the roads from Saputara to Gira waterfalls?

    • Hello,

      Time is decent.

      There was sudden downfall in tourist numbers after the demonetization drive. So you might not see many people there.

      Roads are all right. (Speaking from my experience of May 2016, Pune to Surat) At some places, new roads are being laid. Ghat driving is nothing to worry about. You’re good to go!

      Recent monsoon has introduced some path holes and cracks on Saputara – Gira falls route. So the road is not at par compared to standard Gujarat roads, nevertheless road is motorable. Nothing to worry about.

      • Dinesh Shah

        Excellent! thanks for the reply…
        Looking forward to the trip. One last thing please – Saputara – Gira road I hope is safe to drive, given that it goes through dense forest?
        Also, are the road atleast 2 lanes? (1 lane for each side). Recently visit a waterfall in Maharashtra area (near Bhimashankar) and the road was a single one…

        You have created an excellent information site. Already book marked this page for guidance on my trip 🙂 Thanks again..

        • The forest ain’t so dense, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I’ve been to that road plenty of times, sometimes as late as (Or as early as!) 3 AM, it’s all cool.

          Yes, road is 2 lane. In fact, Saputara – Gira Road is the main road connecting Gujarat to Maharashtra. Its gotta be wide.

          Thank you for nice words. Helps me stay motivated and write more and more.

          Wish you happy journey, please share your experience if possible! 🙂

  4. thecaraabiner

    Will be travelling from 8 to 10 sep. from mumbai via trimbakeshwar to saputara satying at jain dharamshala in saputara.
    Will be surely visiting all these 14 places along with gira falls and waghai botanical gardens and janki van and will be taking ahmedabad mumbai highway while returning .
    Wanted suggestions for any other places i should consider for visiting .
    Please reply as soon as possible. Great work brother keep the good work going .
    Also subscribed your youtube channel , keep posting videos.

    • Thank you :).

      Gira Falls, Janki Van and Botanical Gardens are perfect choice. No need to add/remove any other place.

      If you’d like to try traditional Dangi food, goto Nahri Hotel at Gangpur Village.

      It is 7km from Vansda.

  5. Rakesh L.

    Very helpful list! Keep it up!

    R. L.

  6. Sauras Patel

    Good Article On Saputara And Place to visit in saputara

  7. Aman Mehta

    Commendable work!

    I’ve recently visited Saputara following your blog.

    It was awesome experience!

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