Wilson Hill Station Dharampur & Shankar Waterfall – Hidden Gems Of South Gujarat

[Photos] [Monsoon] Wilson Hills Dharampur and Shankar Dhodh Waterfalls in Monsoon

Wilson Hill Station and Shankar Waterfall stand in an impenetrable forest area near Dharampur in the Valsad district of Gujarat.

Shankar Fall is close to the famous Wilson Hills, a hill station situated in the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. I had a chance to plan an excursion to Wilson Hills lately. You are missing a good day in your life if you haven’t been at places like Shankar Waterfall and Wilson Hills.

Let me plan a breath to share experience to Wilson Hill Station.

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Best of 2015 : Travel


In year 2015 I travelled to scores of places. More places mean more travel posts. 🙂

A compilation of best among them!

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List of Tourism Spots in Dang District : My Journey Of Dang Forests

Dang district of Gujarat is full of green forests and amid the forests, Dang has number of tourism places. Most of the tourism spots are, however, unknown to majority of tourists.

I started exploration of Dang in August 2014. The first spot I chose was Don Hill Station. In fact, I started this blog from writing article on Don. The post has received ultra response and then it all started.

By December 2015, I’ve been to almost every place in Dang forests. And I still wouldn’t miss any opportunity. 🙂

This article is a collection of all the places that I’ve visited in Dangs till now.

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Hatgad Fort, Maharashtra Near Saputara

Featured Photo - Hatgad Fort, Hatgadh, Malher Maharashtra Near Saputara Hill Station

Hatgadh fort is a major trekking destination near Saputara on Gujarat – Maharashtra border. The ancient fort is stationed in Mulher village, Nasik district, Maharashtra. As Hatgad is 3 km from Saputara, Gujarat’s most popular and beautiful hill station, many tourists visit this fort as a short excursion.

Standing on the edge of Sahyadri mountains range, Hatgadh stands tall at 3600 feet (1000 m approx.). It’s flatten hill top is around 200 m from ground. Sky touching height and breezing atmosphere makes Hatgad an all season trekking place as well as local weekend trip destination. Though, Hatgadh fort looks best in monsoon season.

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Heavenly Dang In Frames : Dang Photo Tour

Heavenly Dang In Frames - Dang Photo Tour - Photo By Darpan Dodiya

The Dangs. It’s simply an awesome place. It has everything a photographer and nature devotee need.

Streams and rivers? Checked.
Hills and mountains? Checked.
Jungles and forests? Checked.
Awe-people and culture? Checked.
Trees and greeneries? Checked.

Then why not portray its awesomeness? That’s what I plan to do via this post.

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