Soldhara Village, Chikhli, Gujarat : Eco Point Photos

Featured Soldhara-Village-Chikhli-Gujarat-Eco-Point-Photos-3

Soldhara is a nifty village 10 km from Chikhli town of Gujarat. My visit to Soldhara village was totally accidental.

My younger brother had his 11th Science exam center in a high school near Solahara. (My bad memory! I couldn’t recollect name of the highschool/village where he went to taking exams) I dropped him at school and then had 3 hours to spare.

What to do – What to do! I opened Google Maps and looked at area around. I saw a text marker saying, Soldhara Eco Point. I was a bit amazed to see that marker, Eco Point in here?

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Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite, Mandvi, Surat

Featured - Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite, Mandvi, Surat

Jetpur Kevdi is a eco tourism campsite situated near Mandvi, Surat. Normally I don’t start any post with clarification but Kevdi campsite needs it.

There are two campsites in Gujarat: Having same name as Kevdi.

That’s the confusion. You’ll search on Google, “Kevdi Campsite” and find a link of Gujarat Tourism on top. That’s Kevdi located in Vadodara district on GJ SH 62! Not in Surat.

Thus, make sure you’re looking at this: Kevdi Eco Tourism Site, Kevdi, Gujarat on Google Maps, otherwise you’d reach to Vadodara in search of Kevdi!

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The List of Eco Tourism Campsites in Gujarat

Featured Photo Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite near Unai, Vyara, Surat - Contact Number, Map, Hotel, Accommodation

A comprehensive list of all eco tourism campsites of Gujarat. Previously in this series, I’ve prepared list of

List of Hill Stations in Gujarat
List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

Continuing the series, I will list all eco campsites of Gujarat in this article, with photos, adequate information.

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Kilad Campsite Vansda : Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Featured Image - Kilad Campsite Vansda, Nature Education Eco Center Near Saputara, Gujarat

Kilad eco campsite is nature education center cum ecotourism site contained in Vansda National Park. The campsite is 2 km off Vansda – Waghai state highway, on the banks of Ambika river.

Along with the tag of campsite, Kilad also holds tag of nature education center. When I was in primary school, educational tour to Kilad were very frequent. I still remember fun moments we had in tents of Kilad during night! 😉

Kilad campsite is few km from where I live, Vansda town.

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Junaraj Eco Cottage Village, Rajpipala, Gujarat

Junaraj Eco Cottage Rajpipala : Village Near Narmada, Gujarat

A picture is worth a thousand words!

So, due to time constraints, currently I only have photos down here, come back sometime soon for more content!

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