Ajmal Gadh, Vansda: A Maratha & Parsi Heritage Hill Top

Featured image - Ajmal Gadh

Ajmal Gadh is a heritage hill top in the Sahyadri mountain ranges nearby Vansda town of Navsari district. Ajmalgadh was used as cantonment by Shivaji and as a protection center by Parsees. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, Ajmal Gadh makes a pleasant destination from Navsari, Valsad or Surat.

For me, it’s like a heritage home. Just 10 minutes from where I live, Umarkui. A visit to the top is almost always certain in every vacation.

The Golden Hours…

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Vacation Publishing Spree


Publishing Spree! Weird tag right? Here’s the dissection:

I have this habit of taking notes, either mentally or in a phone, whenever I visit a new place. Be it a travel destination, a coffee shop or a village street.

Now, I love to travel.
That implies that visits to bunch of destinations is obvious.
It further details that many notes must have been taken.

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Shabari Dham Temple, Subir, Ahwa – The Story of Lord Rama, Ber & Shabari

Featured Image - Shabari Dham, Subir, Ahwa - The Story of Lord Rama, Ber & Shabari

Shabari Dham is a popular mythological destination on a hill, Chamak Dungar, near Subir village on Ahwa – Navapur road in the Dang district. Shabaridham temple is the spot where Lord Rama met a Bhil woman, Shabari. Lord Rama, his brother Lakshman ate the berries offered by Shabari mata at here. The stones on which they are assumed to sat are still worshiped.

The first reaction I had when I saw Shabari Dham was: How could it, a place in remote Dangs, be so developed? Given the right atmosphere, the breezing winds could take you to heaven. I certainly didn’t expect Shabaridham to be infrastructurally sound. Come and uncover further…

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Galteshwar Mahadev Temple : A Scenic 3-Hour-Trip Destination Near Dakor

Featured Image Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Near Dakor Gujarat

Galteshwar, situated on the confluence of the rivers Mahi and Galti hosts a Shiva temple from the Solanki era. About 16 km from temple town of Dakor, the place is declared as ancient and cultural heritage site by the ASI. Thus, elevating Galteshwar as a picnic cum pilgrimage destination near Anand, Nadiad or Vadodara.

We set out for Galteshwar on one scorching afternoon after finishing one of the many internal exams of DDU. Those 3 hours of the mini trip were full-of-fun. Want to know why? Go ahead. 🙂

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The List of Hill Stations In, Near Gujarat

Cover - List of Hill Station In, Near Gujarat

It’s May and Summer is on the top! Yeah, and vacations too! In the old times, the Britisher officers in India weren’t able to face the heat of our ablaze sun, so they were used to take a leave of two months, April, May and go out for a vacation on one of the hill stations of India. The reason why many of India’s hill stations are influenced by the British colonial.

Well, all talk and folklores aside, let’s make the list!

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