Copyright © In 2 Minutes

A quick note I prepared for while learning copyright law. Every should have the basic understanding of copyright law and its implications.

Copyright: is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This is usually only for a limited time.

The exclusive rights are not absolute but limited by limitations and exceptions to copyright law, including fair use.

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Earth 0.0

Earth 0.0 - A Fiction Story By Rahul Thakor

આજે પ્રથમ વખત સવારે વહેલા ઉઠવામાં મને મોડું થયું હશે પરતું એ મારી ચિંતાનું કારણ ન હતું, આંખો સામે તીવ્ર પ્રકાશ હતો, શ્વાસ લેવામાં મને તકલીફ પડી રહી હતી, માથાનો દુઃખાવો અને હું જમીન પરથી ઉઠવા માટે પણ અસમર્થ હતો. મારા શરીરને નાના દોરાઓ વડે જકડી રાખ્યું હોય એવો અનુભવ થઇ રહ્યો હતો. સખત ગરમીના કારણે શરીરનું પાણી પરસેવો બની રહ્યું હતું અને તીવ્ર પ્રકાશના કારણે હું નજીક પડેલી વસ્તુઓ પણ જોઈ શકતો ન હતો. મેં ઉભા થવાની કોશિશ કરી પરંતુ શ્વાસ લેવાની તકલીફના કારણે શરીરમાં એટલી શક્તિ બચી ન હતી. મારી હલન-ચલન જોઈ કોઈએ રૂમની તમામ બારીઓ બંધ કરી અને આખો આગળથી પ્રકાશ દુર થયો.

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List of Tourism Spots in Dang District : My Journey Of Dang Forests

Dang district of Gujarat is full of green forests and amid the forests, Dang has number of tourism places. Most of the tourism spots are, however, unknown to majority of tourists.

I started exploration of Dang in August 2014. The first spot I chose was Don Hill Station. In fact, I started this blog from writing article on Don. The post has received ultra response and then it all started.

By December 2015, I’ve been to almost every place in Dang forests. And I still wouldn’t miss any opportunity. 🙂

This article is a collection of all the places that I’ve visited in Dangs till now.

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The List of Eco Tourism Campsites in Gujarat

Featured Photo Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite near Unai, Vyara, Surat - Contact Number, Map, Hotel, Accommodation

A comprehensive list of all eco tourism campsites of Gujarat. Previously in this series, I’ve prepared list of

List of Hill Stations in Gujarat
List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

Continuing the series, I will list all eco campsites of Gujarat in this article, with photos, adequate information.

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The Branch Store: Filling In Frame Using Colors, Branches and Space

Welcome to The Branch Store!

This is 3rd installment in line of photography stores. Previously, I’ve opened:

Silhouette Store
Sunrise & Sunset Store
As the title opens up, photo frames in this store have been filled by tree branches, vibrant colors and free space.

No more talks…have a look around! 🙂

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