Dang Bird Festival at Mahal Eco Campsite, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Dang Bird Festival at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Campsite

Dangs bird festival has been organized by Purna WLS in collaboration with Ahwa (North) Division Forest Department. Scheduled to fly off during 5th February to 7th February, 2016, this bird festival in Dang will promote Purna Wildlife Sanctuary as bird sanctuary.

I was reading Sandesh newspaper today and came to know about this Dang bird festival.

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Girafall Waghai : Gujarat’s Most Popular Waterfalls

New Featured Image Girafalls Wanarchod

Gira Waterfall Waghai – you will always hear this name if you hear conversation regarding waterfalls in Dang, Gujarat area. Gira Dhodh, located in Wanarchod village near Waghai is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon season.

Girafalls are often mis understood with Girmal falls. Both are in Dang but located far away from each other.

‘Gira’ falls are near Waghai, on Waghai Saputara state highway.

‘Girmal’ waterfall is in Girmal village, near Ahwa.

An excellent place for relaxing from busy city life.

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The List of Eco Tourism Campsites in Gujarat

Featured Photo Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite near Unai, Vyara, Surat - Contact Number, Map, Hotel, Accommodation

A comprehensive list of all eco tourism campsites of Gujarat. Previously in this series, I’ve prepared list of

List of Hill Stations in Gujarat
List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

Continuing the series, I will list all eco campsites of Gujarat in this article, with photos, adequate information.

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The Branch Store: Filling In Frame Using Colors, Branches and Space

Welcome to The Branch Store!

This is 3rd installment in line of photography stores. Previously, I’ve opened:

Silhouette Store
Sunrise & Sunset Store
As the title opens up, photo frames in this store have been filled by tree branches, vibrant colors and free space.

No more talks…have a look around! 🙂

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Vansda National Park, Surat, Gujarat : Timing, Fee, Booking, Contact, Information

Featured Green Trees - Vansda National Park, Surat, Gujarat - Timing, Fee, Booking, Contact, Information

Vansda National Park is a conserved wildlife area in Vansda region of Gujarat. Geographically, Vansda National Park is more closer to Waghai town, which is the entry point to Dang jungles.

I live in Vansda town, which is few minutes from Vansda National Park. There are many articles on web regarding this wildlife park, unfortunately, none of them has real useful information of the place. Most of them have copy-pasted content, so the motive to publish this article is, to provide something that’s actually useful to travelers and photographers interested in visiting Vansda National Park.

So let’s go in!

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