Book Summary: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Book Summary How to Win Friends and Influence People

Since last year, I have developed this habit of creating notes while reading a book. Mostly, I read books on digital devices, either laptop or phone. Crunching the pages, I keep highlighting important passages I come across and then prepare well formatted note in Evernote.

On the same line, I read this book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, made an all-in-one comprehensive note, that summarizes the entire book in 25 pages. Sharing the summary here. Also, it’s available for download in pdf version.

Have fun!

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DDU On Quora

DDU Nadiad On Quora Featured Image

uora – as they promote themselves – is the best answer to any question. People ask interesting questions and people write interesting answers over there. I too actively use Quora, to amass knowledge of diverse topics and to share what I know by answering questions. I have written about 10 answers on the topic of Dharmsinh Desai University – DDU, as that’s where I’m pursuing B. Tech in Computer Engineering. (Engineering is about to finish now, I’m in last semester, just few months are left!)

This post hosts all the answers, that I’ve written on Quora till now.

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Hatgad Fort, Maharashtra Near Saputara

Featured Photo - Hatgad Fort, Hatgadh, Malher Maharashtra Near Saputara Hill Station

Hatgadh fort is a major trekking destination near Saputara on Gujarat – Maharashtra border. The ancient fort is stationed in Mulher village, Nasik district, Maharashtra. As Hatgad is 3 km from Saputara, Gujarat’s most popular and beautiful hill station, many tourists visit this fort as a short excursion.

Standing on the edge of Sahyadri mountains range, Hatgadh stands tall at 3600 feet (1000 m approx.). It’s flatten hill top is around 200 m from ground. Sky touching height and breezing atmosphere makes Hatgad an all season trekking place as well as local weekend trip destination. Though, Hatgadh fort looks best in monsoon season.

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Barda Waterfalls, Chankhal, Ahwa

Featured Barda-Waterfalls-Chankhal-Ahwa-List-of-Waterfalls-in-South-Gujarat

Barda is a twelve-step falls near village Chankhal. It’s more known as trekking destination in the Dangs. It doesn’t have refreshment facilities either at the spot or along the route. Therefore one has to carry oneself essentials like snacks, water etc. from the nearest town Ahwa.

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Heavenly Dang In Frames : Dang Photo Tour

Heavenly Dang In Frames - Dang Photo Tour - Photo By Darpan Dodiya

The Dangs. It’s simply an awesome place. It has everything a photographer and nature devotee need.

Streams and rivers? Checked.
Hills and mountains? Checked.
Jungles and forests? Checked.
Awe-people and culture? Checked.
Trees and greeneries? Checked.

Then why not portray its awesomeness? That’s what I plan to do via this post.

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