Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU – Hardik Gol!


Everyday we see celebrities, politicians, cricketers and personalities talking about themselves, via videos, interviews, newspapers etc. They all have two characteristics in common.
1. They are famous
2. They are unique in their field

But, what about someone who’s unique, has fascinating stories to share but not so famous? That’s where this post is directed to.

Let me introduce Hardik Gol. Hardik is unique. He’s the shortest person in entire DDU. (Shortest in Nadiad too? Probably.)

I and Hardik share a good rapport. We are from the same branch, Computer Engineering, same batch, 2012-2016. Over the span of months, I had amusing conversations with Hardik.

Below is the compilation of our chats, in Question – Answer format. Keep moving your eyes, you’re going to visualize a different perspective today!

The Fact Sheet

Hardik was born in Anida, a small village in Amreli district. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Surat. Currently he lives in Varaccha, Surat.

He completed his 1 – 10th standard from a private school, which was situated in his society, 11th – 12th Science from Government Boys School. He opted for DDIT, Nadiad for his B.Tech in Computer Engineering. He’s in 7th semester.

The unique feature, his height. It’s 129 cm. For a comparison, I stand at 178 cm. Figure wise, you won’t be able to guess the difference so have a look at this picture. Left is Sahil, middle Hardik and right most, me.

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Comparison_compressed

That was the introduction. Let’s turn on Hardik’s volume now!

DD: So Gol, what’s the reason behind the 129 cm figure?
HG: The first 10 years of my life were normal. But then I was diagnosed with a condition called Pseudohypoparathyroidism.

The condition is extremely rare, with an estimated overall prevalence of 7.2/1,000,000.

{Even after 3 attempts, I still can’t pronounce the name of the condition.}


DD: Did you ever try to boost height by Complan?
HG: Never. I tried other medical ways, but never did try Complan. That product is just a marketing gimmick. You find me a person who became taller drinking Complan and I’ll throw you a party in TGB.

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Complan



DD: How is college life compared to your school life?
HG: In school days, till 6th standard everything was normal. After sixth standard I became the shortest person in class. From 1 to 10th, I didn’t face any difficulties in study or life as the school was in our society.

But when I went to Amroli for 11- 12th, I faced some problems. Like being stared by people. Being the center of jokes. I didn’t get school shoes for 11-12th as the size didn’t cope up.

College life is much smoother compared to school. Never a once, I faced any huge problem.


DD: Talking about college, which are some problems that you face while you’re inside college campus?
HG: You remind me of EG days! I always had the tension that whether I’d find a table or not. I was fortunate, however.

In college canteen too, I find trouble placing an order. Somebody strong would sideline me and proceed to counter. But I’d be standing at the same place still.

But sometimes I’m in advantage. Like in Viva, faculties don’t attack me and they let me off unlike others.

Also, I always get help from people whenever I need. Be it librarians, peons or colleagues.

{That are some insights!}


DD: Do people laugh at you in public?
HG: Yes, they do it every time. I’m used to it. Actually, I think that they just smile, they don’t laugh at me.


DD: Then how do you react to them?
HG: Mostly I smile back. Sometimes I don’t. Depends on the context and the situation.

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Smiled Back

{Show time now!}

DD: Do you watch Game of Thrones? If yes, then do share your views about Tyrion Lannister.
HG: I’m fan of GOT!

I like his acting. In fact, I had thought of joining the entertainment industry! He’s a motivator for me. If he can act, if he can dance, if he can kiss then why can’t I? That’s what I’ve always believed.

{Peter Dinklage stands tall at 135 cm.}

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Active

{Let’s have some fun.}

DD: Do you have a girlfriend?
HG: Ha ha ha, Nope.


DD: Did you ever try to get a one?
HG: Ummm, never, actually. I do have crush on one pretty girl, like everyone else. 🙂


DD: Do you get jealous when you see your friends hanging out with their girlfriend?
HG: Naaaa! Their life, their rules and their girlfriends. I’m happy with whoever I am. I don’t bother.

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Like A Boss

Like a boss!


DD: Is there any movie that can resemble your life? (e.g. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is for Milkha Singh. Is there any movie that can be related to the group of people like you.)
HG: I don’t think so. I’ve seen The Fault in Our Stars, but it had an entirely different story line. Darpan, we’ll make a one in the future. 🙂


DD: Your parents or family members ever discouraged you?
HG: I believe that no one holds the power to discourage you but you, yourself.

I used to feel that my family members try to discourage me. For example, everytime I go out-of-town, I hear most of time from family members like “Never open your wallet. Stay with your friends or never go alone.”

I used to feel hapless.

But now, after years, I don’t feel the same. They advise me because they care for me. Because they love me. 

{Hats off!}


DD: Any message that you’d like to give to the readers of this post?
HG: Yes, yes.

People like me can be anything but never sad or hopeless or “maayush“. We are self motivated and don’t really need pity!

Meet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Be Your Own MotivationMeet The Tyrion Lannister Of DDU - Hardik Gol - Be Your Own Motivation

Never ever feel down. Keep smiling!

Phew!! That was one hell of an interview, wasn’t it? I thank Hardik for giving me the opportunity to share his thoughts. 🙂

You can find Hardik on: Facebook | Instagram

Contact me at: Here

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I’m overwhelmed by all the responses! It’d be inconvenient to reply to each comment, hence here’s a big THANK YOU from me! 🙂

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  1. I’m overwhelmed by all the responses! It’d be inconvenient to reply to each comment, hence here’s a big THANK YOU from me! 🙂

  2. Naimish Gami

    Mr.Gol is my friend and my neighbour too. i remember that i asked you about your height when we were in train , the way you answered it was fluent and confident. I’m glad that i’ve friend like u(helpful and motivator), for this type of thinking — requires GUTs

    Interesting Mr.D

  3. Hardik

    Thanx to all

  4. Jatayu Baxi

    Nice thoughts Hardik. Good work Darpan and Sahil…

  5. suketu kanodia

    when I saw lannister he is in my mind too.great answer my brother

  6. Jinesh Patel

    Heyyy Goli…hi-five…[As we always do.]
    U r the most Jolly person i had ever met.
    Salute to ur sense of humor bro.
    Words are not enough to describe u.
    Only one emotion, one feeling come on my face whenever i saw u,is happiness.

  7. Bhumit gol

    He is my brother.
    #I_always _feel_proud.
    nd tq darpan#

  8. This story is highly motivational. I used to read stories but first time i found it somewhere around me, in my college itself. I never met Hardik personally, but i highly liked his thoughts, it’s inspirational.
    Great story you shared here, Darpan.

  9. Bhavya

    First of all I liked(Not like,loved) your idea of giving platform to Hardik.

    Hardik,you are very brave. Because sharing your weakness is quite difficult and you are just sharing not telling everyone,that is the main point.
    Smile is the best weapon against the all comments,that you used very well. I saw you always happy. Keep up your positiveness !!

    Darpan,really nice work and “CREATIVE” idea. Now I think you should add one more talent in your resume:Interviewing.

  10. Hardik Patel

    ‘No one holds the power to discourage you but you, yourself.’
    The most touchy as well as motivating lines.
    Seriously, if you are firm determined nobody can discourage you. And Hardik taught that thing very well! 🙂
    Thanks to you,too. For representing such inspirational stuffs like this. 😉

  11. Naisargi

    I saw Hardik on d first day of college, n I was like.. wow yaar look at this guy! I had been fan of his attitude n carelessness from 16th july 2012 only.. I would like to call Hardik the real dude.. n Darpan, I have always been fan of ur posts, be it clicks or articles.. well done yaar! 🙂

  12. Chetan Dodiya

    Keep it up BHAI.

  13. Ravi Rasadiya

    Thanks to Darpan Dodiya for doing Respectable Job! #salute

  14. Ravi Rasadiya

    Dear my best friend in the entire world (the best friend) 😉 I just wanted to say that even though I’ve gone you still mean so much to me and I care so much about our friendship because you are the best friend I could ever ask for. I can call you up and tell you anything, you give the best at advice and listening and understanding. I feel like i can tell you anything and it’s like we are family. You have always been there for me and we have the best times.You are literally like my brother who brings the best out in me.I know it hasn’t been the same “us” after high school. We attended different universities. Yours were miles away from mine. We had fights about things and said stuffs we weren’t supposed to say. There were months that I haven’t heard anything from you. I’ve met other people and made close friends as you did. Those made gaps. Gaps that are hard to fill in. But you know what? In case you don’t know, after all this time, you’re still my best friend. My only best friend and my Inspiration

  15. Thank you so much guys! Your comments are highly motivational for me. 🙂

    My job was to give Gol a platform to share his story. He’s the master. I feel that I did my job pretty well!

  16. Akshay Chakarani

    hardik..u re full bottle of positiveness .. u turn ur weak side into strong..

  17. Mansi Patel

    A wonderful way of looking things and facing it.
    Like..Keep it simple.. .it is we who are responsible for getting demotivated, not others…
    Excellent motive @darpan.. Well done…

  18. Paras Modi

    I spent my 3 years of hostel with Hardik(Goli),but was never aware of his this sight. Thanks to Darpan, today I saw it…Motivational in deed and one of the cutest interviews I have ever read…Hats off!

  19. Yashraj surma

    Nice work Darpan !!!
    Usually i dont read whole article ….today i did ??????

  20. Joel Pinto

    Highly Motivating!
    This guy here teaches us to find the other million reasons to live life and overlook the imperfections.
    Nice writeup, Darpan!

  21. Sagar Vasoya

    Hardik First time i met u at reporting time in ddit (9th july,2012) n we got introduced with each other in hostel…since that time i am always fan of your sense of humor…it is very much appreciable…everyone don’t have this much guts to handle it nicely as u..
    Darpan for u????????

  22. Kinjal Dholakia

    Hardik ,i respect your positive thinking.keep it up?

  23. Margi Buch

    Hell lot of inspiration! Respect Hardik?

  24. Sahil Pandith

    That was a very fine interview.

    And it was very brave and bold of Gol to share information very personal to him. It takes a lot of courage to let people know your vulnerable side. Hats-off to Hardik. They say self acceptance is the most important thing in life. I am very happy to see that in you.

    Now for Darpan, questions were in perfect order. They precisely captured his life from beginning to till date, which gives one a good idea of Hardik, if one wants to know him.

    And Thanks Darpan for letting me be the part of this unique experience.

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