Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite, Mandvi, Surat

Featured - Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite, Mandvi, Surat

Jetpur Kevdi is a eco tourism campsite situated near Mandvi, Surat. Normally I don’t start any post with clarification but Kevdi campsite needs it.

There are two campsites in Gujarat: Having same name as Kevdi.

That’s the confusion. You’ll search on Google, “Kevdi Campsite” and find a link of Gujarat Tourism on top. That’s Kevdi located in Vadodara district on GJ SH 62! Not in Surat.

Thus, make sure you’re looking at this: Kevdi Eco Tourism Site, Kevdi, Gujarat on Google Maps, otherwise you’d reach to Vadodara in search of Kevdi!

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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Dang, Gujarat

Featured Photo - Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Forest Campsite, Dang Forest, Gujarat - 16

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is dense forest in North Dang forest range. Also known as PWS, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is spread between Vyara, Tapi and Ahwa, Dang district. Purna Sanctuary is second protected area in South Gujarat after Vansda National Park.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is also popular among bird watchers. To promote Purna sanctuary as a bird watching site, recently Dang Bird Festival was organized at Mahal Campsite, in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Ajwa Nimeta Garden, Vadodara – Spend Weekend Evening With Musical Fountains

Ajwa Nimeta Dam Garden Vadodara, Gujarat - Musical Fountain Timing, Photos, Video, Contact Number, Map, Waterpark

Ajwa Nimeta garden is an excellent destination to spend leisure weekend near Vadodara. Ajwa Nimeta’s USP is row of musical fountains which makes an evening vibrant and colorful as ever.

My trip to Ajwa Nimeta musical fountains materialised in very last semester of B.Tech in Computer Engineering.

Though, during school trips too, Ajwa Nimeta had always been a stop. Ajwa garden is for people of all ages. Kids can play cheerfully and oldies can soothe themselves watching their grandchildren have fun. 🙂

Sharing experiences of my trip to Ajwa Nimeta Gardens…

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List of Tourism Spots in Dang District : My Journey Of Dang Forests

Dang district of Gujarat is full of green forests and amid the forests, Dang has number of tourism places. Most of the tourism spots are, however, unknown to majority of tourists.

I started exploration of Dang in August 2014. The first spot I chose was Don Hill Station. In fact, I started this blog from writing article on Don. The post has received ultra response and then it all started.

By December 2015, I’ve been to almost every place in Dang forests. And I still wouldn’t miss any opportunity. 🙂

This article is a collection of all the places that I’ve visited in Dangs till now.

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Dang Bird Festival at Mahal Eco Campsite, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Dang Bird Festival at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal Campsite

Dangs bird festival has been organized by Purna WLS in collaboration with Ahwa (North) Division Forest Department. Scheduled to fly off during 5th February to 7th February, 2016, this bird festival in Dang will promote Purna Wildlife Sanctuary as bird sanctuary.

I was reading Sandesh newspaper today and came to know about this Dang bird festival.

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